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Trusted tutors was set up to bridge the gap between students looking to upskill and tutors that can make that happen. The platform provides a one stop shop that simplifies learning at every step of the way from sourcing the right tutor to booking, scheduling and payment. By combining the educational experience and know-how of its founder Ricky Galea with the digital media and online expertise of market leaders Lovin Malta the result is a seamless experience that makes learning easy. All the tutors you need and can trust across all sectors on one platform.

How it works

Once we receive a student request, we set about to search our database of tutors to find the ideal match. The first couple of lessons provides us with an opportunity to make sure that the tutor is the right fit for you. From there, we devise a longer-term plan and schedule of classes. If there is a mismatch, we will reassess and identify another tutor better suited to your needs.

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We are proud to say that we cover practically every subject at every level, starting from primary school level to secondary school level, O’Levels, Intermediates and A’Levels, Diplomas, up to University level.

The services offered are either online, in-person at the tutor’s place and home tutoring at the student’s place. Regarding in-person lessons, tutors are located in different locations, so, we will connect you with the closest tutor.

We offer one-to-one tutoring for all subjects, as well as group classes for certain subjects.

One of our main aims we work towards is to make education as accessible and affordable as possible as we don’t want finances to be what keeps a student from learning and advancing academically. This is why we offer tutoring in different forms and services – for each person to find the suitable type of tutoring within one’s budget.

No, we offer a wide range of non-academic subjects, ranging from sports to music to creative writing, critical thinking and political studies, to arts and drama, and to graphical design and IT, amongst others.

Although MATSEC board is the one we receive most requests for, we have many tutors specialised in different boards who can offer high-quality tuition for such boards.

We are proud to offer a very efficient and seamless onboarding process for students, in that, once we collect all the necessary details from you, we will immediately propose the most suitable tutor. Once you agree and place the deposit for the first lesson, you are confirmed and first lesson takes place.

In the exceptional case that the student doesn’t like the tutor’s approach during the first lesson, we will reach out to assess the issue and set up another lesson with another tutor, ensuring that the same issue doesn’t arise again.

Once you register your interest, we request further details as to what subjects, levels and services you’d be willing to tutor. Following this, we’d request your CV and relevant certificates for verification. After being reviewed, you will be asked to select a time slot to schedule an short interview with us for us to get to know you better and be able to connect you with the most suitable students for you.

While we assure students who specifically request a fully qualified tutor that they will be connected with such, tutoring is not limited to teachers. If you are a professional in an industry or are passionate about a specific subject, you still qualify for a tutoring position with us. In fact, some students’ feedback shows us that the practical aspect taught by professionals and the passion transferred by tutors instils further understanding of the subject.

Tutors are registered as freelance service providers, hence, they are not our employees. You will be signing a contract which can be shown to your employers for conflict of interest purposes. Tutors issue an invoice to us (based on our template provided) on a monthly basis and we will process the payment in a couple of days, following its reconciliation.

While we strive to make tutoring as affordable as possible, we appreciate and recognise the effort, dedication and importance of tutors, hence, we work hard to offer fair and competitive rates to tutors. The rate will vary depending on the subject, level and service offered. This will be agreed on a student-by-student basis just before the tutor accepts the engagement.